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Technical Support

Welcome to take part in Grand-Access:

As a clients of Grand-Access, you will enjoy services as follows: 

1). Repair guarantee: Within one year after products purchased (half year for specific products according to the regulations on repair guarantee), grand-access will provide you with free repair service.

2). Contracted maintenance: When the repair guarantee is expired, clients can sign a contract for maintenance with grand-access, and grand-access will provide overall maintenance service in fairly favourable terms according to the contract.

3). Life-long maintenance: For products beyond repair guarantee and without any maintenance contracts, grand-access still provide life-long maintenance service, and charge according to maintenance materials and manual work.

4). Technical consultation: For any questions on the usage, you can dial our service hotline at any time for further consultation.

5). Time limit: grand-access has set down that any calls for services from our clients should be responded in the shor time. And the field arrival time for the maintenance personnel is regulated according to clientsĄ¯ place. If the maintenance personnel doesnĄ¯t arrive at the spot within the time limit, clients can complain to us.
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