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Bridge-type swing barrier gate

Integrating mechanism, electronic with micro-processor as well as diversified technology of identity, swing barrier is a promotion of intelligent tripod turnstile.
Technology specification
Framework: 304 Grade Stainless Steel
Specification: 1200*280*1000(mm)
Weight: 80kg
Arm length: 600-900(mm)
Swing angle: 0-180
Power voltage: AC220 (10%more or less) V, 50(10%more or less) HZ
Drive voltage: 24V
Interface: standard port-RS485
LED indicating light: one
Card-reading window: two
Transit speed: 3040persons per minute
1. With function of self-examine and alarms, it is convenient for users to maintain and use.
2. The mechanism is locked until a valid open signal is received.
3. Reset automatically--Go signal will be cancelled if passage through is not completed within pre-set time.
4. Unit can be adjusted permanent open or close when power off to meet different needs.
5. Single/double swing--- in and out can be controlled in one direction or both
6.door will open when it is powered off, and when power is turned on swing will shut off automatically.
7. Unit can be controlled and administered by remote control
Extensible function:
1. It will raise the alarm by means of a sound or light when someone pushes in illegally.
2.count function
3. Reset automatically by infrared.
4.Arms can be lengthened.

Working Environment:
Indoor/Outdoor(with a tent over)
Temperature: 10 below degree to 50 degree


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